Teeny Tiny Houses

With our move to CO right around the corner, I've got all things home decor on the brain.  And I'm a little embarrassed to even say this concern out loud but you guys love me unconditionally, right?  I have nothing to fear?  Right??  Well, here goes:

We are moving to a house significantly bigger than the one we live in now.  We have nowhere enough furniture to fill said house.

We are freaking out.

And, yes, we are spoiled 1%-ers.  Oh, the difficulties of first world problems.  Woe is me.  Damnit, what have I become.

Anyway, all these completely ridiculous thoughts about how we'll ever decorate our new beautiful big house have got me thinking.  A few things actually.  First, I'm so ashamed of myself--how did I ever let myself get to the point where this is really what I'm getting gray hair over?  Second, wouldn't it just be easier if we sold everything and seriously downsized?

Here's my inspiration:

Jason's Charm & Potential

Erin & James' Easy to Live in

Mel's Complete & Balanced

Malissa's Perfect Retreat

All of these places are LESS THAN 250 SQUARE FEET.  That's right.  Not a typo.  Two hundred and fifty.  And they are stunning.

Go over to Apartment Therapy and check out all of their small house tours for more major inspiration.

Tell me, my dear internet cosmos--could you pull off a 250 square foot home?

Sorry I have to run--I have to go buy 14 sofas and 29 guest beds.