Alberto Seveso

So, last week I posted this strikingly beautiful image:

Alberto Seveso

First of all, when I came across this post a while back about this incredible photography, my heart skipped a beat.  It was like staring into a lava lamp, only a much more high-end sophisticated version of the one I had when I was 12 from the dollar store.

Fast forward to just a couple weeks ago, when I decided to dye a couch cover.  It started out like this:

KLIPPAN, alme natural

I bundled up the cover and tossed a bottle of dye into the washing machine.  As the dye slowly dispersed through the water, I was drawn back to these photographs.  And I had to do everything in my power not to jump into the washing machine with my camera to try and recreate them.

Anyway, here are a few other favorites from genius photographer Alberto Seveso:

Alberto Seveso, a due colori

Alberto Seveso, disastro ecologico

Alberto Seveso, ink riders

I mean, even if I had jumped into the washing machine, I doubt I could have ever even come close to capturing the magic that Seveso has.  But I did come out of the whole situation with a newer, way more interesting couch.



The Anthro Curse

So, I know I still have a few things to update you on from last week, but I had to take a little break to discuss a very serious issue with you all, my dear supportive loving internet cosmos.

This weekend, I took my inaugural trip to the nearest Anthropologie in my new town.  As every trip to Anthropologie always is, it was more painful than enjoyable.  That store does nothing but haunt me.  I walk in and immediately my most carnal primitive human emotions take over.  I covet every single thing that is on every single mannequin in the store.  I bow down to the little charming vignettes set up in every corner and give praise to my new beautiful false idols.  And then the fight or flight kicks in because I know that I either need to get out of there fast or attack every sales-person in the store before I spend every cent in my bank account, send my family spiraling into debt, am unable to pay for all the new unforeseen expenses of moving across the country, and my Mr. divorces me.

Like I said, it's painful.  

So, after my overwhelmingly detrimental shopping trip, I came home to do the same thing I always do after I leave an Anthro store:  window shop online.  Here are some of my current favorites:

Honeycomb Hive Set

Convivial Midi Dress

Striped Seagrove T-Straps

Scalloped Strings Tank

I'm really considering never walking into another Anthropologie again and deleting it from my shopping list online and just forgetting it ever happened to me.

As if I had that unbelievable power...

Desperate in Denver--


L'idylle Rustique

Happy Monday, my dear internet cosmos!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I had a great time exploring some fun things about my new hometown.  Making new animal friends at the zoo, hiking with new human friends, and Sunday morning yoga with one of my oldest dearest friends.  So basically, I had a weekend filled with nothing but friends.  And I definitely cannot complain about that.

As promised, I still have a few goodies to explain more about from last week.  Remember this image?

Desire to Inspire

Yeah, I know.  Kind of amazing, right?

I stumbled across this home a while back and have been dreaming about it ever since.  I mean, can you blame me?

You know you want more:

Hope these images conjure up a dreamy existence for the rest of your Monday.  I know they are doing just that for me.


(all images from here)


Mammoth & Company

A while back I came across this post, which led me to this print, the one I posted about on Monday.

Ernst Haeckel by Carolin Loebbert

And when I clicked over to see the above print, I became even more obsessed with the site where it is sold:  Mammoth & Company.  They carry some of the raddest art ever, with a great mix of styles and mediums.  Plus, it's all extremely affordable.  And don't even get me started on The Littlest Mammoth.  That's a whole other post in itself.

Here are some of my other favorites:

Buffalo by Troy Moth

River by Tom Edwards

Mutualism by Elliot Beaumont

Go ahead, you know your walls are screaming for some new adornments.  Plus it will make you feel good to know you've supported an artist today.  Happy shopping!



Well folks, here we are.

There are no words to describe the last month and a half since I've seen you all last, my dear internet cosmos.  I now have a brand new home.  I don't only mean house.  I mean life.  I no longer live in steamy FL.  I'm now a proud CO transplant and could not be more thrilled about everything that means for my future.  I also just celebrated my two year anniversary being married to my Mr. who will now be referred to as Dr. Mr., another incredible change in our lives.  We drove 1900 miles in 4 days, had our entire family here to bless our home together, and moved in successfully.

We are indeed alive and very well.

And now that I am back to life, I will also come back to you.  Don't think I haven't been stalking the internet for the past month to find all sorts of goodies for you.  I absolutely have.  Here are a few hints* as to what I have in store for you this week:

*Don't worry, I will indeed attribute all of the above images properly in the following posts of the week.  Make sure you come back to hold me accountable.

And just because I can never make up to you all the time I left you alone, I give you...


Everything does in fact,

start now.