Weekly Shuffle

Sorry to have left you hanging last week, my dear internet cosmos.  The dreaded winter January-even-though-it-feels-like May cold hit me hard and I was a mess all week.  So much so that I didn't even get out of bed to push shuffle.

I'd love to know what you're listening to today!


Jamie Oliver

I'm loving the beautiful packaging of Jamie Oliver's food goods.  Not only does he make and preach the gospel of amazing food, but he has an eye for well-styled packaging.  I'm a fan.

rosemary & garlic olives

tomato ketchup

lemon curd

tall, dark & handsome

Oh, and dearest Jamie--Can you please make an exception and mail the aforementioned Tall, Dark & Handsome Chocolate to the US?  It would be the perfect gift for my Tall, Dark Ginger & Handsome husband for the upcoming lovey-dovey holiday.  My eternal thanks, MEL


Weekly Shuffle

In case you missed last week, I'm going to be posting weekly music mixes that are created quite simply by pressing "shuffle".

As I said before, some of the songs that decide to pop up on my shuffle aren't exactly my favorites, but they could be someone else's, so here they are.

I'd love to know, my dear internet cosmos--what's on your shuffle today?


Thought of the Day: Cabin

Did I ever mention I used to live in a cabin?  Here are a couple pics:

Some of my happiest memories were in this tiny house in the woods.

Here are some other amazing cabins from around the world.  Go ahead, let your imagination wander...

(Following images from Cabin Porn.  a.k.a. my new favorite obsession)



...is having a SALE (!!!!!).

I just picked up this little beauty, and I'm obsessed with it.  It is super soft leather and the perfect slouchy size.  Now I just need to move somewhere where it's appropriate to wear suede all year long.

Here are my other favorites:

Printed Blazer

Leather Cowboy Ankle Boot

Skinny Trousers

I would apologize to your wallet but this sale is just too good.  Go and conquer.  Your bank account will understand one day.


Weekly Shuffle

Many of you know by now that I am a musician.  By trade, by choice, by passion, by hobby.  So, I figured it was time to introduce more of a musical side to the blog.

Every week I will be posting a shuffle mix for you to either hate or enjoy.  My point is to show you how unpredictable and completely random my music list is, and hopefully turn you on to some new music at the same time.

Now I will be honest--I have a lot of music in my reserves.  Many of which I don't even listen to anymore and I haven't listened to in years.  Some of which I personally think is just downright bad at this point in my life.  But I figured that everyone's tastes in music are different so even if I would normally skip it while on shuffle, some others may not.

So, that's exactly what I've done:  I opened my iTunes, clicked on "Shuffle" and let her rip.  No skipping. No choosing.  No hiding.  And this is the result.

I hope you find some inspiration in these musical wanderings.  And don't hold back--let me know what's on your shuffle today!  I would really love to know.


Thought of the Day: Chocolate

I don't think this needs any explaining except to say that I love my mother-in-law so much.


Trimming the Fat, Part 2

Continuing with the theme, here are a few more pounds from the inspiration folder:

Big thanks to Joanna for finally introducing the best beauty product ever to her humongous blog audience.  If you haven't tried it yet, do it.  Now.  Seriously, get in the car and speed drive the speed limit to Sephora and purchase it.

Smith's Rosebud Salve

I'm a huge fan of this list of goodies to steal from your boyfriend.  Or to just go out and unabashedly purchase for yourself.  Here are my favorites:

Still Life Light Grey Suede Hat with Navy Trim, from Shrine

Roy Orbison sunglasses, by Rodarte for Opening Ceremony

Grande Seconde Watch, by Mougin & Piquard for J.Crew

I am so out-of-control excited for the second season of Portlandia.  If you haven't seen it, please, for your own good and for the good of humanity, watch it tonight.  Here are some great interviews with co-creators Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen to get you excited:  NPR Fresh Air and Design*Sponge

Fresh Air


Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Trimming the Fat, part 1

I told you after Thanksgiving that I had built up quite the list of blog ideas from my long hiatus.  I'm here today to tell you--I absolutely was not kidding.

So, I'm making a New Years Resolution to empty the reserves, shed some pounds, share the wealth, become less of a hoarder.  For the next few posts, I will be spreading the love of my inspiration folders.  Are you ready?  I sure hope so.

I adore this book--To Market, To Market by Nikki McClure.  I love that it teaches the reader how food comes from the earth and from the hard working hands of many, not a drive through window.  (Note how I said "reader" and not "child"--I don't think this is a kids book.  I know many adults who have little to no knowledge of where their food comes from.  And I think that is wrong.  Okay I'm done with that rant.)  Images from here.

I really love these bags by grace design.  I love the mixture of the whimsical prints from the kimonos with rich leather.  Yum.  Found via Oh Joy!

Leather & Kimono Clutch

Leather & Kimono Clutch

Leather & Kimono Purse ON SALE!!

I've been a fan of Sharon Montrose's photography for a while now (I have this little guy on my wall).  Now, I just have to have her book.  This puts all other coffee table books to shame.

Menagerie by Sharon Montrose

Whew.  That felt good.



Well, my dear internet cosmos, first and foremost, I'm here to apologize for my month long hiatus.  December was nuts and as any musician can tell you, Christmas is the time for pianists.  I am eternally grateful to have had so much work but now I am typing this blog post with nothing more than nubs for fingers.

Second and with no less importance, I am here to bid you a happy 2012 and to thank you for the past year. That's right, one year ago today, I was lying in bed (as I am now) and decided to start this blog.  I have found a tiny niche amongst wonderful people who I have learned have so much more in common with me than I ever could have imagined.  It is because of these connections that I continue this blog.  And I hope this year brings us even closer together, my dear internet cosmos.  I will do my best to continue to bring you beautiful interesting things that hopefully bring a little bit of inspiration to your day.

2012 will be a year of many changes and amazing adventures and I can't wait to share it all with you.

Hope you all had a fabulous holiday season--