The Land

I've felt particularly close to the earth as of late; not that this is a rare position for me to be in--I've always felt most at home when close to nature.  But it seems the earth is showing it's magnificent power in so many ways lately and human nature is being affected by it.  First the outrageous power that tilted the earth and slowed time that we witnessed in Japan.  Now, here in our backyard, the air is spinning and tossing our civilization around like salad.

I grew up in tornado alley and I remember countless nights I spent in our laundry room, huddled with my little brother and dog, while my parents bravely kept a look out.  Luckily, our house was never whipped up and scattered, and we were never harmed.  All I can say is, my heart goes out to the midwest and south in the US.  People are scared and hurt and feeling helpless.  I hope that the earth will rest soon and it's people will feel a calm healing presence.

At the same time that we see the earth's angry side, we look around us and see the peaceful side.  This gets me thinking of New Mexico--have you ever been there?  The skies in New Mexico are unparalleled.  I will stand by this statement forever.

On the road...

So, when I ran into this post, I immediately knew this was an artist I needed to know.  Katherine Sandoz' landscapes remind me of New Mexico and the many layers of the land that meet the sky there.  These paintings are amazing and I want all of them.  (Images from Katherine Sandoz.  And she's having a sale!)      

(cat island) olive maroon
(waterway) driftwood
kds petit gauke abstracts no. 1


Happy Birthday

Today is a very special day.  My Mr. was born 26 years ago today.

He was brought into the world by friends and family, into the comfort of his own home, underneath the gentle breeze of the ceiling fan in his parent's bedroom.  He was lovingly massaged by hands that loved him when he came out a deep shade of blue.  He was immediately brought to his mother's breast and immediately crawled to find his first meal.

He was a baby in the woods, raised by a community of people who held him as a member of their family.  He was adored by all who met him and he loved them all right back with his whole heart.

He continues to be the loving man he was born into the world to be.  He is the most amazing person I have ever met and I could not imagine my life without him.  I am so thankful for this day, because without it, my life would have been eternally different.  I believe I would have missed out on finding my soul mate.

I am so blessed to be able to celebrate this birthday.


Happy Earth Day!

There are so many reasons to go out and enjoy this beautiful day.  Spring is here (translation:  summer is trying to get here in FL, and winter is hanging around in some other places in the world, but I guess the definition of Spring is different for everyone), the earth is coming alive again, the sky is blue, the earth is nutritious and we are alive.  How wonderful.  Ideally, we wouldn't need a holiday to appreciate the gifts of creation but since we have one, why not celebrate it to the fullest?

Here are a few earthy inspirations to kick off your green weekend!  Hope you enjoy!

Remember when I told you about my gardening experience with a very wise man?  Well, this amazing man (and remember he's 80!) is also a master bee keeper!  I got to go over to his house and see his bee hives and he gave me a crash course all about the bees and to say I was amazed is an understatement.  Bees are such an amazing testament to the power of the environment and the perfection that is found in the natural world.  They've got quite the set up!

The wise man's hands and his bees

Ever since I got to go check out my old friend's bees, I've kind of been obsessed.  I really want to build hives for myself!  So, I was delighted when I found this book on Design*Sponge this morning--just the thing I need to get started!  Plus, isn't it beautiful?


Here's a great green tip for the gardeners in my audience.  The Mr. & I have been doing this for ages so I was so glad to see it talked about online.  A great tip for making your plants extra happy:  add your used coffee grounds to the soil!  This post talks about adding them straight to the plants, but we add them to our compost pile and it makes the soil extra rich.  However you do it, it seems plants love coffee too!

Apartment Therapy

Last but not least, I leave you with a little creation humor.  I hope you have a fabulous day enjoying the gifts of our planet!  XOXO

Sapling Press, found via Design is Mine


New Obsession

Happy Thursday everyone!  I'm sure some of you are recovering from celebrating yesterday in your own special way, and I say...wait...uhh...hmmm...what was I saying?

Nevermind, I guess stoner jokes don't translate very well to print.

Anyway, my point is that I have been haunting the renovation journal of Erin Loechner, founder and writer for Design for Mankind, and all around seemingly adorable person, on HGTV's blog, Design Happens.  She and her husband packed up and moved from busy LA to the quiet midwest where they found a rundown ranch-style home and they are completely overhauling it, in the most amazing way.  You have to check it out.

You just can't get an idea from posting these pictures.  Erin has put up amazing videos (must watch this one) and great decor inspiration boards and so many other great tidbits to know before jumping into renovation.  Seriously, make a big pot of coffee and go spend hours drooling over the renovation progress.  It's so inspiring.

(Images via Design Happens)


Ethan Robert

So, all of my baby hysteria as of late has paid off--I have a brand new nephew!

After 30-some-odd hours of labor, my sister-in-law delivered this beautiful boy.  He is completely perfect.  I know I'm a little biased but seriously, look at that!

So, now that the impending delivery of nephew is good and done, maybe there will be less of a baby extravaganza on this blog for a little while?

Yeah right, who am I kidding.




Anthropologie, you're doing it again.  This whole "sale section" is really putting a strain on my savings account.  Not that I actually buy anything from you, but I dream about buying things from you and then I just feel a little bit poorer and that's enough to make me feel guilty.  I feel like I'm cheating on my bank account just by flirting with you a little bit.

But I guess if we just keep it between you and I, no one really needs to know...That's okay, right?

Not everyone needs to know about my obsession with finding the perfect t-shirt and how when I look at you and find this, you make it so hard.

Aviatrix Tee

And like I really need another beautiful pot to encase yet another succulent or pretty spring bulb.

Unfolding Petals Herb Pot

And I know I have absolutely nothing on my agenda to wear this dress to, but I so badly want to pair it with some big gold earrings and espadrilles, I can barely stand it.

Extended Shirt Dress

Well, looky here, if it isn't the perfect leather satchel, the exact kind that I've been searching all over for since before Christmas.  Way to put it in my face now!

Elegant Angles Bag

That's it, I can't stand it any longer.  I'm buying these knobs for a wooden cabinet in my living room that needs some new jewelry.

Hard Candy Knob

Whew.  That was an intense love affair.

Anthropologie, I just don't know how to quit you.


Dining Room

Here's where my head is at currently concerning a dining space.  I had a little more space to show some of our current artwork that would definitely occupy a blank wall.  In my previous living room post, there just wasn't enough room on my design board to include all of the art and accessories that we currently have displayed and will definitely remain a part of any of our rooms to come.

Whaddya think?

1.  Stornas dining table, Ikea
2.  Foto pendant lamps, Ikea
3.  Black director's chair, Pier 1 Imports
4.  Side by Side FLOR tiles
5.  Ikea PS Cabinet
6.  (Clockwise from top left) Still Life on a Pedestal Table, Pablo Picasso; Butterflies and Poppies, Vincent Van Gogh; Cumbres Pass #4, Official Art of Music From Angel Fire, 2006, Alyce Frank; Calla Lilly Turned Away, Georgia O'Keefe

Hickory Floors, same as Living Room design post

Sunny Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Mine was filled with work and play, and lots and lots of sun.

Needless to say, I'm feelin' good.

Stay tuned for another room design coming up later.  I'm really hooked on this dreamin'.



House dreamin'

So, I've had a bit of bloggers-block recently.  I wasn't really finding a lot of the inspiration I usually do.  I was feeling a bit less connected than most days.

Then it hit me.  I knew what I needed to do to get me out of it:


1.  Manstad sofa, Ikea
2.  Cooper lamp, Napa Home
3.  Peekaboo clear nesting tables, CB2
4.  Golden Peaks rug, Anthropologie
5.  Queen Ann mirror, Macy's (Mine looks exactly like this one, but is actually a thrift store find.  Score!)
6.  Garrison table, Eric Manigian
7.  Chill media console, CB2
8.  Charles Pollock chair, Garage Online; Otomi textile, ebay
9.  Pale Smoke #1584, Benjamin Moore
10. Hickory Floors, via Design Happens, from 360 Flooring


Out of Bed, Sleepyhead

Well, it's Monday and I've been sick.  All of the end of last week.  All weekend long.  And now I'm recovering from being sick.  Who knew you had to factor in the "feeling-better-from-feeling-crappy" time into your sick time?  Because I'm still factoring.

A real bummer too because it's beautiful outside, it's my day off, and I have tons of stuff I want to do.  Including give you, my dear internet cosmos, a real post on this thing.  But until then I'm gonna take it slow, start (and probably put down after a few minutes do to lack of energy) a few projects around the house, and make this.  In fact, you should make this too.  It's so delicious.  Maybe it will give me that extra bit of energy I need to get out of bed and into the world.


House of Brinson