Happy Haunted Friday

Well, hello everyone!  Again, Florida is so far behind the rest of the country (if you wish to read into that statement politically, please do).  It has been upwards of 80 degrees all week long.  So the last thing I want to do this weekend is celebrate Halloween.  This is supposed to be fall!  We're supposed to be all bundled up going from door to door asking for candy and so excited to get home and sit in front of the fire and dig in! We're supposed to be trick-or-treating through big piles of orange leaves and with the sun setting early in the evening!  We're supposed to sip apple-spiced cocktails and eat grilled cheese and tomato soup!  Come on, weather!  You're killing me here!

Okay, the rant is over.  For now.

Anyway, wherever you are in the country, I do sincerely hope that you have a fabulously chilly Halloween weekend.  Drink an extra hot toddy for me, will you?

Here are some goodies from around the internet for your Friday enjoyment.  Enjoy!  XOXO

How to make your very own spicy sugary crumbly coffee cake in 5 minutes.  (via Say Yes! to Hoboken)

Prudent Baby

Anthropologie has just started carrying the most adorable children's clothes from Handmade Charlotte.  I have to say, Anthropologie is officially winning the race to conquer the world.  (via Black Eiffel)

Little Plume Coat

Love Letter Bloomers

Merry Mount Dress

Another book to add to the list:  5th Ave, 5 AM:  Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's and the Dawn of the Modern Woman.  This interview with the author, Sam Wasson, is a great insight into the book.  I'm so happy that the incredible importance of such a classic book and movie is finally being written about.  Now, my obsession is just a little more validated in normal social circles.  (via wit + delight)


Foodie Friday

Hello my dear internet cosmos!  I hope you all had a wonderful week.  The weather got hot again here so naturally my brain turned to mush and I was unable to create anything productive or interesting.  This morning, there's a crisp breeze in the air and I'm feeling alive again so here's some inspiration for your day!

I'd like to talk about food for a moment.  For me, it's much more than just a bare necessity--it's a hobby, an obsession, an art form, a challenge, and a joy.  That is until I eat an entire cake in one sitting and then it is no longer a joy.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite posts from around the web concerning the joy of eating.

I recently came across this charming blog La Domestique and fell in love with the recipes and the easy-to-follow extremely well organized nature of it all.  Every week, a new ingredient is chosen and the entire week is dedicated to worshipping it.  One of my favorites is this post about 10 ways to use honey in cooking.  You remember my bee-keeping friend, don't you?  He recently gave me more of his amazing clover honey and I'm excited to use it in some of these recipes.

Next up, pine nuts get caught up in the ombre trend.  Who knew nuts could be so fashionable?  (Okay dirty minded readers, this is a family friendly blog.)

Tiger in a Jar

Last but not least, we have eating, well, in a slightly different form.  At first glance I saw the title of this article, well, completely unappetizing.  But I have to say, after reading, I can see some logic.

Okay let's all be honest here--would you do it?


I hope you all have a nutritious weekend!


Fall clean out

Well folks, fall has finally made it down to Florida and I couldn't be more happy.  I blame my recent lighter than usual blog postings on the unbearable heat and humidity of the summer--it's just too damn hot to do anything.  And unfortunately, the summer lasted right up until about last Friday.

But, now that the cooler climes have arrived, my brain has been let free of it's sticky shackles and I'm back in the game.  That means it's time for a clean out of my inspiration folders.  Hope you enjoy!

I'm completely obsessed with this series, aptly named A Dress & A Gig Poster.  Found via Unruly Things.





Untitled by theshallowend featuring a jersey dress

I am also obsessed with this baby gear from Threadless.  The next baby I come in contact with will be receiving a onesie.  Found via Unruly Little Things.

I'm also head over heels for The Canal House.  Not only is their website totally rad, it is stock full of sneak peeks into their cookbooks.  You can subscribe for a year and get 3 seasonal cookbooks delivered to you.  I mean, look at how good this stuff looks?

Pimiento Cheese

Broiled Mussels

And now I'm starving.