Boy and Girl

Well, I've gone and done it again.  I've abandoned you for over a week!  Please accept my apologies, dear internet cosmos.

Often when I'm internet shopping (and by often I mean every single day), I notice that I am drawn to a huge mix of styles--bohemian meets classic, prints vs. solids, brights vs. muted tones, chocolate vs. vanilla.  Usually there isn't one common thread I can pick out between things I find amazing.  One of my favorite mixes is a concoction of all things eternally feminine and handsomely masculine.  I love the juxtaposition of a flowy flowery whisp of a garment with a rugged leather belt or satchel.  Or even better, the smell of musky patchouli next to a big bunch of lavender.

Here's a little shopping trip to two of my favorite online shops.  BHLDN is the new bridal project from Anthropologie and it has loads of fantastical girly wonders.  Hickoree's Hard Goods is a shop stock full of manly goodies.

Here are some things I'd love to put together.  I'd wear this super frilly Pleated Fantasy Gown and dab on a bit of super spicy Cardamom Scent for a little mystery.

I'd wear this super romantic Indigo Mist Dress to a fancy fete and bring this chunky Waffle Cardigan for the after-party by the campfire.

I'd pair these fun and elegant Polka-Dot D'Orsays with some rolled-up baggy boyfriend jeans and this utilitarian canvas and leather belt.  Plus, that dash of orange stitching throws this belt completely into perfection.

Finally, I'd pair this festive Knotted Necklace with a plain white t-shirt and jeans, and carry this rugged satchel in place of a purse.

Hope your weekend is filled with a wonderful mix of fun!


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