Dream House

My Mr. & I are serious dreamers.  We talk all the time about our dreams for the future and at the risk of sounding disgustingly corny, we will go so far as to rip pages out of magazines and bookmark endless websites to plan for our dream home.  We talk about our dream garden and our dream solar panels, our dream cabinet pulls and our dream house numbers.  Seriously, no topic is too small for us to start planning.

Last month, I came home and pulled my newest Dwell edition out of the mailbox and quickly planted myself on the couch and started dreaming.  Now I will say, it's hard for me to flip through any design magazine and not find some sort of inspiration, however small it may be.  But this time was different.  This time they had our exact dream house featured in the magazine!  Like seriously.  To a tee.  This is THE ONE.

Open floor plan.  Wrap around porch.  Walls of windows.  Central courtyard with a fire pit.  Green construction.  All under a big sky.

I'm completely obsessed.


(All images from my imagination here.)


  1. I love it when floor plans are provided with house pictures. It makes it so easy to picture yourself in that house. How great are the master closets on that house plan - awesome!

    1. I know right?? I may or may not be stealing those exact floor plans in the future. :)


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