Hello my dear internet cosmos!  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  We spent our snowy Saturday inside painting our and baby's bedrooms.  We've been trying to rectify the sheer terror of "builder's brown" that was plastered over every square inch of wall in this house before we bought it since we moved in.  Slowly but surely, we will win this war.

Anyway, as we continue to trudge through the never ending wall reformation, I am becoming more and more intrigued with the idea of wallpaper.  No, not the floral kind your mom had on her dining room walls in the 80's.  Wallpaper is back with a stylish vengeance and it's ready to take over.  I'm particularly into the super graphic prints that tend to be a bit more whimsical.  I think if you're going to put a print over an entire wall, or room, it needs to be fun and not too serious.

I'm starting small and we're covering just a tiny sliver of wall in the baby's room with this graphic whimsical print (UPDATE! According to the website, this wallpaper is no longer available.  I'm convincing myself this is just a major technical error and not the truth. Breathe in.  Breathe out.):

Kalahari Vignettes Wallpaper, Anthropologie

And if in fact the damn website is telling me the truth, here is a round up of some other amazing wallpapers that I also love:

Origami Wallpaper, Dottir & Sonur

Wallpaper Owls, Mini Empire

"Hand made", Paper Boy

And this is technically not a wallpaper, it's fabric--but how awesome would this big colorful graphic be on a wall:

"Zahara", Alexander Henry

Now, if we could all hold hands and pray to the Anthropologie gods for the return of my beloved wallpaper, that would be great.  I appreciate you in advance (did you listen to this amazing This American Life recently?  I am totally obsessed with that saying now).


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  1. I am searching high and low for the anthropologie wallpaper- have you had any luck???


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