Warby Parker Sunglasses

I've had a long running love affair with Warby Parker and have been loyally sporting these frames ever since my big glasses search a couple years ago (remember?).  As much as I love my glasses, I find myself keeping them in the case rather than on my face much more often than I should.  What's my excuse?  I have none.  I'm just lazy and forgetful.

Anyway, I've recently been trying to be better about wearing my glasses more, as my vision is certainly not something that is going to get better without them.  And I'm thinking that it might be time to invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses so I can work on my peepers even while enjoying this lovely sunny state of mine.

Here are my current faves:




So tell me, my dear internet cosmos, which ones are your favorites?


  1. Jasper. I'm more of a less-pattern-is-more girl. But I'm sure you'll look fabulous in any of them!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! And by the way, I had no idea you had this AWESOME blog! You are an amazing writer! I was especially moved by "Brave Women" and your unfinished text message...gave me chills.


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