Spring/Winter Wardrobe 201

Last year around this time, I posted about how Spring had sprung "in theory", but certainly not "in practice".  Well, whaddya know, it's doing it again this year.  This weekend it was both a balmy 70 degrees and a snowy 25.  This, my friends, does not a happy dresser make.

I was hoping I wouldn't need to combine my winter woolens with my new fresh airy Spring wardrobe AGAIN, but alas, here we are.

Which brings me to today's lecture:  "How to combine Spring and Winter wardrobes:  Part 2"

Lesson 1: "It's sunny and snowing…does this mean the devil is beating his…??"  I'll stop you right there.  Yes, you may have thought this was impossible, but in CO, anything is possible, and it happens more often than you may think.  Throw on your favorite jeans with a cheery painterly cardigan and a sunny yellow coat.  All this bright color will make you less depressed to put on your snow boots for one last run (hopefully) of the season.

Lesson 2: "I have a hot date tonight…and I'm freezing.  Can I wear my sweats?"  Answer: no, you can't.  You spent the money on that amazing maxi dress with the flirty jeweled plunging neckline, and you're gonna wear it.  This is where the perfect mix of "hard + soft" will work wonders--pair it with a warm leather moto jacket, nude suede booties, and a precious minaudi√®re, and you're good to go.

Lesson 3: "It's a beautiful Spring weekend, but the whipping wind is bitter cold!  Don't make me put on the wool coat again…"  You're right.  For your sanity, put away that wool coat!  Instead, keep your warm cozy wool scarf on, but pair with your new floral moto jacket, preppy striped trousers, and your trusty leather ankle boots.  Just the right amount of winter gear to shield you from the icy breeze.

EXTRA CREDIT--Lesson 4: "I bought my 8 month old a ton of adorable spring dresses but I may get child protective services called on me if I let her out in only these.  Help me not go to prison!"  Okay, calm down.  Layer her warm winter tights under her new happy dress to keep her legs warm.  Throw her lined coat on top to keep her body toasty, and her leather booties on bottom to keep her toe-ies warm (because these are the ONLY SHOES that will stay on her feet).  Precious.

Hopefully, I never have to give this lecture again.  Come on Spring, you can do it!  


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