Last week, we spent a few days in northern New Mexico visiting a chamber music festival, Music From Angel Fire, that I used to work for.  In addition to hearing amazing music, catching up with old friends, and generally just enjoying the beautiful NM landscapes, we were able to take some time to wander around the wonderfully wacky town of Taos for a while, too.  In one of the many adorable shops around the main town square, I ran across these sandals and fell madly in love.  They are expertly made and insanely comfortable, without looking like a geriatric podiatrist-recommended pair of boats on your feet.

Have you ever heard of OluKai shoes?  I hadn't come across them before but these sandals were all I needed to become instantly obsessed.  Here are a few other current favorites:  




Since we are pretty much eternally broke, these will have to stay on the wish list for now.  But you better believe I will be stalking the sales until I can snatch a pair up for myself.  


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