A little change of scenery...

So, the big news is...


Yes, we are completely stoked.  Yes, we are completely overwhelmed.  Yes, we are completely over the moon.

Yes, all the details of moving across the country in less than 3 months, have in fact not hit us yet.

We are on cloud nine for the moment and trying to savor it as long as possible.  We have begun the house hunt and started trying to tie down some loose ends here before our journey.  We're already starting to experience some stressful moments associated with the move, which kind of terrifies me.  But overall, we're nothing short of thrilled.

Here are a few little sentimental things that I may just have to pick up to signify this momentous occasion in our lives:

I'm thinking it would be wonderful to have a custom portrait made of our home here in FL by Rebecca Seale.  After all, our little home here means so much to us--we got engaged here, married here, adopted our newest pup dog here.  It would be beautiful to have a little memorial to it all.  (Found via Babble)

We've made a ton of amazing friends here who we are going to miss like crazy.  Plus, we have family here who are going to miss us like crazy.  I think this pillow would be an amazing gift to give to the people we love who we will be leaving behind.  (Found via the lil bee)

My husband and I have lived in some really amazing places in our lives and it would be great to represent them in our new home.  I love these state bird prints by Kelsey Oseid.  They are so whimsical and would be perfect artwork to carry with us throughout our lives.  (Found via Design*Sponge)

I hope you'll come with us, my dear internet cosmos, as we embark on this new journey!



  1. Cute stuff. I love that the northern mockingbird is the state bird of both Florida and Texas. You are birds of the same feather and should def flock together. :)


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