Weekly Shuffle + Ode to FL

Happy Friday, my dear internet cosmos!  I hope you had an amazing week and I hope the weekend holds some fun for you all.  We are headed to CO on Monday to begin (and hopefully finish) the house search.  So far, browsing homes online has been tons of fun mainly because my imagination goes crazy thinking up all the ways I can decorate a new home.

Recently I came across this adorable bathroom makeover and was frankly shocked that I liked it.  I'm never one for a theme room, but I think they hit "nautical-yet-not-ashamed-to-like-the-beach" on the head with this one.  Maybe it would be nice to incorporate a little tasteful beachiness into our new home as an homage to the sunny sandy state we are leaving behind.

In case coming up with your next home renovation project isn't in your weekend plans, here's your weekly shuffle to keep you occupied while I'm gone.  Or at least for a couple hours.  If this is your first shuffle experience with me and you like what you hear, go check out all of my shuffles here.

Have a fabulous weekend!  XOXO


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