Assignment: Date Your Friend

WARNING:  This blog post may or may not have some overwhelmingly cutesy sentiment spread throughout it's content, leading to stomach churning, gagging, or drinking heavily before noon.  Readers be advised.

So this week was my Mr.'s birthday.  It wasn't a particularly momentous birthday, just your run of the mill 27th.  However, it seems that every year my Mr. has a birthday, I am reminded just how lucky I am that he is in fact MY Mr.  And I am reminded of how many different roles he has played in my life--freshman year acquaintance, sophomore year constant companion, junior year family member, senior year lover, post college life partner and husband.  But throughout the 10 years we've known each other, one thing has never changed.  He is my best friend.  Truly.  We were friends who knew everything about each other before we crossed that romantic line into the wild blue yonder.  And the funny thing about it is sometimes I catch a glimpse of him and remember my friend, my truly platonic best friend who was with me through some of my worst relationship choices and some of my most disgusting moments and some of my most embarrassing life choices.  And then, just for old times sake, I'll scratch my butt or pick my nose just to remind him that indeed he is my best friend.  Then he'll get a big fat romantic kiss.

BEFORE:  friend zone

AFTER:  forever zone

Anyway, without going into further gory detail, my point is this:  DATE YOUR FRIEND.  It's scary at first, yes.  You may think you are going to lose everything.  But it will be totally worth it.

For a less corny and way more entertaining explanation of why dating your friend is definitely the way to go, please read this hilarious article from Hello Giggles.  I especially love his "10 tell-tale signs that your boy friend wants to be your boyfriend".  This is definitely my favorite:  All of the activities he plans involve only you and him, and could easily be construed as dates. Dinner. The movies. Spooning while watching Katherine Heigl movies.  (In our case, it was spooning while watching a Jeff Buckley concert DVD on repeat, while I audibly mourned the loss of him and drunkenly sang every song over and over and over again.  Sometimes I really do feel bad for all the things I put my Mr. through...)

I hope you all have an amazing weekend, my dear internet cosmos.  Now go make out with your best friend.



  1. I want this.. Too scared to go for it though! Not sure how to move the relationship forward.. :S

    1. Being scared is the reason why I almost never had it at all. My Mr. moved forward by being honest with me. Like straight up honest. He came into my room and said, "So, I know this is really weird and awkward but I had this really strange feeling today...I wanted to kiss you." He had some serious guts to do that. And it paid off. The worst thing that will happen is you and your friend will stay friends. Go for it. :)


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