Weekly Shuffle

Well, I'm back from the house hunt.  Bruised, burned, beat up, positively wasted.  But still alive.  Which is good.

And just so you aren't thinking it was a total flop, it was far from that--we found a home!  And we love it. But the process of trying to buy that house successfully is the most time-consuming stressful thing ever.  I cannot imagine what we would do if we did not have our amazing realtor to guide us (Seriously, she's the jam.  If you ever move to Denver, let me know.  She's the realtor for you.)

So I am still slowly recovering from the exhaustion of the last couple weeks.  But hopefully all this turmoil will lead to a successful purchase!  I'll keep you posted, my dear internet cosmos.

And as an apology for being away for so long, here's your shuffle for the week.  Tell me, are you listening to anything particularly amazing?  I'm in need for some great cross-country road trip tunes for the upcoming trek to CO.

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