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Happy Friday, my dear internet cosmos.  Please tell me you all have festive weekend plans.  'Tis the season for partying!  Get after it.

'Tis also the season for gifting, as we established yesterday.  If you missed it, here's my round up of go-to gifts for the foodie in your life.

Today, I give you gift ideas for your trendy, silly, oldest best friend.  I mean the kind of friend who you wouldn't mind giving things to that you really want for yourself.  After all, she's the friend you often find yourself living your life vicariously through.  Here we go:

1- Heirloom seed kit:  She's always wanted to have a green thumb, but just can't seem to get it going on her own.

2- Homemade room spritz:  To make her home smell yummy all year long.

3- Octopus mugs:  She doesn't drink coffee, but who cares?!  These things are genius, and someone has to have them.

4- Taxonomy of rap names:  Because she's design savvy, and appreciates a good flow chart.  Plus, she'll stare at it for hours discovering new totally useful bits of knowledge.

5- Antique kilim coasters:  This is one of those things that you will get to use, too.  And every time you go to her house, you'll wonder why you didn't buy them for yourself.

6- Handwritten stationery set:  So she can write you notes to remind you of what an awesome friend you are.

7- Anthropologie's "Wish it, Win it" giveaway:  Enter every day to win all of Anthropologie's ultimate gifts from their holiday catalog.  That's over $16,000 worth of goodies from the store you and your BFF can't normally afford!  Gift one of your pretty winnings to her, and keep the rest for yourself.  Check out all the prizes here

Have a holly jolly weekend--

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