New year, new you, new world.


Hello my dear internet cosmos!  I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season, filled with laughter, family, and gluttony.

Mine certainly abided by all of those guidelines and more.  Obviously, because I haven't been around here in way too long.

As the new year has come and gone and is now becoming a mere glimpse of a memory, it's easy to forget all the resolutions and fresh starts and promises that we make to have a better 2013, make a better us, have a better relationship, build a better life.  Honestly, I think forgetting all of those unattainable resolutions isn't all half bad.  Besides, you know you made a resolution or two that you never really thought you'd keep, but did so anyway just to feel a little more successful.  I know I did.

But as we slice our 14th piece of chocolate cake and try to erase the first 13, as we run a half mile less today than we had planned and tack it on to be made up later, as our butts find their favorite spaces on the couch again and settle in for another year, let's just be grateful.  Be grateful that you can make a resolution and not keep it.  Be grateful that you have more than you need, so much more that we make promises to rid ourselves of our excess.  Be grateful that you have holidays to celebrate your crazy families and your healthy waistlines.

Instead of resolving to change ourselves in 2013, let's resolve to try and change the world we live in.  I bet we'll get a lot more done if we resolve to give to others instead of just take away from ourselves.  Smile more.  Hold open a door a little longer for a stranger.  Get outside.  Cook good food and invite everyone you know to enjoy it with you.  Tell others about something beautiful you experienced.  Try something new and invite a friend.  Volunteer doing something that excites you.  And after you give of yourself, take time to give to yourself.  Eat another piece of cake.

Share the wealth of your bounty, and I bet 2013 will be a much fuller year than the last.



  1. :) Great perspective! I will, I will, I will focus less on me and more on our world! <3

    1. In your work, with your family, in your life--you do this already! Happy 2013! XOXO


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