Lullabies for a Cause

Danielle DeCosmo

Hello my dear internet cosmos!  Today I want to share with you a beautiful project created by one of my dear friends and all-around brilliant musician, Danielle DeCosmo.

Danielle and I worked together in FL teaching music and soon started playing music together.  I have learned so many things from her and I am always in awe of her beautiful music and loving spirit.

In addition to writing, recording, and performing her own music (you can download her first album, All Good Things, here.  Seriously do it.  It's amazing.), she has been performing for patients at Shands Hospital at the University of Florida with the Arts in Medicine program.  Recently, she recorded this beautiful collection of lullabies, Little Dreamers:  Lullabies, as a gift to mothers in the neo-natal intensive care unit and as a way to raise money for the Arts in Medicine program.

I encourage you to go purchase this lovely album of lullabies at her Bandcamp page.  You can set your own purchase price and all of it goes directly to support the Arts in Medicine program at Shands.

I will certainly be downloading multiple copies for the special new mothers in my life.  I hope that you will do the same and by doing so, help give the gift of music to new mommas and their precious babies everywhere.


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