Faribault Woolen Mill Co.

First of all, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your tremendous response to my last post.  I was blown away by all the amazing stories I was told both here and on my Facebook.  I can't tell you just how wonderful it was to connect with all the mamas out there who have been on a journey like mine.  You all are amazing.

So, let's keep hanging out, shall we?  I've got another suggestion for you today:  WOOL.

About this time of the year, I start to get sick of winter.  In CO, winter lasts from October-ish to April-ish.  Last year, we got a foot of snow in the city the first week of May.  So that means we're about half way through.  But I'm feeling the need for some new comfy textiles to get me over the hump and help me survive the second act of this cold performance.

Faribault Woolen Mill Co. (who I first ran across here) is about as American as it gets.  This textile company has been creating beautiful and sturdy utilitarian textiles since the Civil War, and has been outfitting cold-weather inhabitants since they were traveling west in covered wagons.  This is no trend, people.  Here are some of my favorite pieces:

1- This Mid-Stripe Wool Scarf looks so cozy and the bright colors keep it cheery.  Plus it's on sale! 

2- What I wouldn't give to have this Revival Stripe Wool Blanket on my bed to curl up in, particularly the Bone White color.  Please, and thank you.

3- Faribault teamed up with another Minnesota brand, Duluth Pack, to create this lovely woolen Scout Pack.  And while we're talking about Duluth Pack, I could devote a whole other post to their amazing products. (NC will be using this child's backpack for all of her school adventures, for the rest of her schooling life.)

How are you handling the winter madness, my dear internet cosmos?  Are you feeling the need for some added layers too?  Or has the "polar vortex" left you feeling down and out like this?


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