World's Most Ethical Companies: H&M

Recently, the Ethisphere Institute released it's annual list of companies that "truly go beyond making statements about doing business 'ethically' and translate those words into action".  There are several categories of business represented in the list and thankfully, a good showing of American-based companies as well (Levi-Strauss & Co.; Gap Inc.; Ford Motor Company; Google, Inc.; and the list goes on).  

Refinery 29 made a good point that this list of ethical businesses still doesn't take into account manufacturing and labor practices which, I agree, should certainly be included in the qualifications for an ethically run business (read about Ethisphere's scoring qualifications here).  However, H&M, one of three apparel companies included in the list, has been paving the way in the retail world for their use of recycled, sustainable, and organic textiles in their products recently and for that, they should certainly be applauded.  (Read about all of their sustainability practices here.)

So!  If there ever was a good time to go shopping, it is now!  Below are some of my Spring favorites from H&M.

Check out the rest of Ethisphere's most ethical companies so you can help support businesses who are working to better themselves and therefore the world economy as well.


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