Do you send out holiday cards?  I grew up in a family with the best of intentions that just could never get it together enough to send them out.  However, we always had a fridge full of cards from friends and family around the country who were so much more organized than us.

Anyway, the Mr. & I have been sending them out almost every year since we moved in together and definitely more militantly since welcoming our daughter to the family.  I think we are especially good about it now because it is still somewhat of a novelty this whole "being an adult with a family" thing.  Christmas cards kind of feel like that one last thing you need to make it official:  you're a grown up.

This year we used Tiny Prints to design our holiday cards and the process could not have been simpler.  It was definitely a hard choice (we ended up using this design) because there are a million great options for card designs.  Here are some of my other favorites:

If you haven't ordered your holiday cards yet, now is the time.  Bonus: get 10 FREE CARDS when you order from Tiny Prints!  Hurry, this offer ends December 3.

Tis' the season to buy more magnets for your fridge!  


(card designs, top to bottom:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4)

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