Trimming the Fat, part 1

I told you after Thanksgiving that I had built up quite the list of blog ideas from my long hiatus.  I'm here today to tell you--I absolutely was not kidding.

So, I'm making a New Years Resolution to empty the reserves, shed some pounds, share the wealth, become less of a hoarder.  For the next few posts, I will be spreading the love of my inspiration folders.  Are you ready?  I sure hope so.

I adore this book--To Market, To Market by Nikki McClure.  I love that it teaches the reader how food comes from the earth and from the hard working hands of many, not a drive through window.  (Note how I said "reader" and not "child"--I don't think this is a kids book.  I know many adults who have little to no knowledge of where their food comes from.  And I think that is wrong.  Okay I'm done with that rant.)  Images from here.

I really love these bags by grace design.  I love the mixture of the whimsical prints from the kimonos with rich leather.  Yum.  Found via Oh Joy!

Leather & Kimono Clutch

Leather & Kimono Clutch

Leather & Kimono Purse ON SALE!!

I've been a fan of Sharon Montrose's photography for a while now (I have this little guy on my wall).  Now, I just have to have her book.  This puts all other coffee table books to shame.

Menagerie by Sharon Montrose

Whew.  That felt good.

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  1. Hi! I finally figured out how to comment. I love the bags. And I'm with you on the trimming. Our spare room just lost at least 50 lbs.


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