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With spring right around the corner (and by around the corner, I mean slapping us in the face with humidity and allergens; and by spring, I mean summer (remember:  I LIVE IN FL)), I am getting super excited about getting my hands in the dirt and spending some well needed time with my old gardening/bee keeper friend (remember him?).  He has invited the Mr. and I to help him plant his spring garden which means I'll get another well-needed lesson in tending to the earth.  And hopefully some pointers on how to make our own garden super successful this year.

It also means that I'll get to go visit his honey bees.  Last April, he invited us to his annual "Honey Slinging", a big family affair where generations gather together to collect the honey from his loyal bees.  I was so unbelievably honored to be a part of it.  It is an amazing process to watch how honey is extracted from the combs.  Plus, you cannot imagine the most amazing floral sweetness that comes from chewing on a freshly torn piece of honey comb, filled to the brim with fresh honey.  It really is an experience like no other.

Naturally, I got super excited when I came across this post the other day, showing so beautifully the art of "Honey Slinging".  Here's the video of the process:


honey harvest from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.

If you ever get the chance to interact with honey bees and be a part of extracting the honey, don't miss it.  It is truly a miraculous little example of creation.  

Hope your Wednesday is sunny and springy today!

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