As some of you may know, I am from Texas.  Let's just say, I try to keep that quiet around these parts.

Most people who were born in Texas and no longer live there left for some reason, and usually that reason is negative.  And Texas is a really BIG state.  I mean, there are roughly 270,000 square miles filled with reasons not to like Texas.

However--and this is the part that is a little difficult to admit--there are also roughly 270,000 square miles of reasons why one might enjoy Texas.  Having grown up in a small north Texas town, a place where culture and liberal thought wasn't really...well...how can I say this...well represented,  I developed a sweeping generalization that all of Texas (expect Austin, of course) was exactly like where I grew up.  Now that I've been away for a while, my youthful generalizations are slowly breaking down and I am becoming more open to the fact that there are in fact, wonderful things in Texas.

All that being said, recently I've stumbled across some pretty neat things about Texas that I would have never noticed when I younger.  In fact, these recent findings kind of evoke a sense of fondness about growing up in Texas.  Weird how the memory works, huh?

For example...

Design*Sponge recently did a city guide on Denton, a town about 30 minutes from where I grew up.  And I have to say, it looks pretty damn cool.  Of course, I always thought it was a terrible town when I was growing up but now it looks kind of amazing.

The Bayless-Selby House Museum, Denton, TX

And check out this amazing initiative they started in Houston (sprawling concrete jungle and corporate oil capital of the world) where area hospitals set up farmers markets outside so patients can have access to healthy fruits and vegetables.  Seriously, I am completely shocked by that one.

Houston Farmer's Market. Who knew???

I ran across this adorable city guide and was shocked to learn that it was in Gainesville, a tiny insignificant town about 15 minutes from my home town.  We didn't think anything could possibly exist there that was even remotely cool.

Downtown Gainesville, TX

And last but certainly not least--I bet you didn't know that The Homesick Texan, foodie and blogger extraordinaire, went to college in my hometown and writes about it fondly on her wildly popular blog!

NOTE:  The one thing I always did appreciate about my hometown was the above mentioned alma mater of The Homesick Texan, Austin College.  It is a wonderful private liberal arts college--extremely academically strong, service minded, and globally aware.  My parents work there and I am very proud to have been a part of the AC family since I was born.  Go Roos!

I was so excited to see The Homesick Texan write about a wonderful little cafe, The Tiffin Shop, in my hometown and recreate one of their signature sandwiches on her blog.  It really caught me by surprise because growing up, we saw The Tiffin Shop as just another little unknown eatery in town.  Nothing really special.  But looking back, it really was a delicious little place.

Asparagus and Cream Cheese Sandwich, The Homesick Texan

It's funny how it takes a few years, several thousand miles, and some friendly reminders to help you appreciate where you're from.

Maybe today I'll throw on some cowboy boots and say "y'all" a little more than usual in honor of the Texas I never gave a chance, the Texas I still have yet to explore, the Texas I'm sure I'll fall madly in love with.


  1. I found your comment off of Jo's blog and loved it so much I wanted to drop in and say hello!

    I've also been on anti-depressants for more years than I've not. I've been working to wean myself off of them, but like you, I am learning the hard way that the meds make my life - and the life of everyone around me - that much better.

    As for running - it's addictive. You'll be a bad ass runner before you know it!
    Lovely blog - I'll be back soon!

  2. I completely relate to this post. It does take miles and years to gain perspective, I think. And with that we discover that there are wonderful places and people everywhere!

    p.s.- I'm new to your blog & I love it! Will be back for sure.


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