Denver Week: Tiffany from Camp 1899

Hello my dear internet cosmos!  If you're just joining us, here's a little refresher:  this week is Denver Week!  I'll have a new post every day from some of Denver's most wonderful bloggers, sharing some of their favorite things to do in the Mile High City.  Yesterday, I was so excited to have Will from The Momentum share his favorite things to do in Denver.  And what a list!  I'm going to be tipsy from drinking mimosas all day  busy for months checking out all of his favorites!

Today, I have another incredible blogger sharing her favorites here for you.  Meet Tiffany from Camp 1899.  She and her Mr. moved here a couple years ago and bought a teensy-weensy adorable bungalow and have been COMPLETELY renovating it for the past year.  And I am totally obsessed with checking out their progress!  Seriously, it's mind blowing and inspirational how much work they have done with their own two hands.

In addition to documenting her home renovations, she also highlights pieces of her beloved southern culture, adventures on the road, and her own spot-on style and design.  Needless to say, I'm a huge fan.

So without further ado, check out Tiffany's favorites after the jump:

camp 1899

Hello!  I have to say right off that because we have such a huge job on our hands renovating our house we have not done as much as we normally would. We work work work on the house and rarely venture out!  I laugh and say after this year is over, I feel like then is when we will really start "living" here and not just working and sleeping in our new city. (:

But... the little bit I've done I'm more than happy to share! We've done more just outside of Denver and those have been some of our favorite things...

Echo Lake is beautiful and we love going there:

John DeBord

We enjoy Creekside Winery--they have a great wine tasting for $5:

Creekside Cellars

We recently went through Rocky Mountain National Park via the town of Estes Park which we've visited several times and really enjoy (MEL here--as you have witnessed many many many MANY times on this blog, Rocky Mountain National Park is like my home away from home.  In my opinion, you can't come to Colorado without taking a trip north to RMNP.  And no, I'm not being paid for those opinions :)

RMNP, from Tiffany's recent trip

Pearl Street in Boulder is fun for a day of shopping and browsing:

Joshua Michael Hill

For thrifting and shopping vintage, my favorites so far are all along Broadway St and also The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall.  I actually found it and loved it so much I have a booth there--if you go my booth is on Colorado Ave (#41).  They name the rows by street names because it's a pretty big mall!

Brass Armadillo Antique Mall, Sharon Johnson

I'm vegan and my husband is pescatarian so we don't go out to eat a ton but when we do, we go to Edgewater Inn for amazing pizza:


And US Thai is also really really good and very well known but caution, their hot is INSANE (and I love hot food) so fyi, might want to go mild (;

The Urban Brain

We also enjoy Watercourse for breakfast (banana bread french toast!) and lunch,

Mitten Machen

And City O City is good as well:

City o City

Oh! and I recently became a member of Denver Botanic Gardensand I highly recommend it, absolutely gorgeous!!!

City Profile

Wow, thanks so much Tiffany for your awesome recommendations!  I think that wine tasting might be #1 on my list.

Tell me my dear internet cosmos, have any of you tried out any of Tiffany's favorites?  Let me know in the comments below.

And don't forget, I still have more Denver favorites lined up for this week!  Don't miss tomorrow when I'll be hanging with this rad Denver momma.


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