Denver Week: Will from The Momentum

Hello my dear internet cosmos!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

I am excited to announce that this week will be a super special one indeed.  I have asked some of Denver's most amazing bloggers to let me in on their favorite things to do and see in my new hometown (and one of the country's most promising cities).  And I am so honored that they have offered to contribute to my tiny blog!

First up, we have Will Price, from The Momentum.  Will's blog is cheeky and stylish and I've had a blast perusing through his past adventures, many of which take place in The Mile High City.  He also garnered a ton of attention with his genius compilation of one of man's greatest accessories, "100 Days of Ties".  Will also curates a beautiful online gear shop, Camp Well, where I'm sure I will be purchasing a load of stuff for our many CO camping trips to come.

So, without further ado, check out Will's top Denver picks after the jump:

The lovely Will Price

Welcome to Denver. I love it here. Been here my whole life.  Wow, so where to start with fave spots?

Well I love brunch (mainly just day drinking and mimosas (MEL here--just had to mention, that statement right there just made me love Will so much more than I ever thought I could)). So for that I go here:


The Hornet (Another interjection from MEL--this is the restaurant where my Mr. and I signed our contract on our first home, over 90 Shilling and Lobster Mac & Cheese.  Like I said before, our realtor was a total bad ass.):


Billy's Inn

Get Real Denver

Guzzle & Nosh

Those are also pretty good bars where I like to hang out, so that's nice. 

Here are some good places for food:

W.E. O'Neil

303 Denver

Denver Post

Mountain Sun Brewery (MEL here--look's like the original Mountain Sun Brewery is in Boulder.  But there is a sister location in Denver, Vine Street Pub):

A.V. Club


Go to Jazz in the Park, every Sunday night at City Park. We'll be there this weekend, actually.  (I definitely will be there too!  It's been a blast the few times I've been so far this summer.): 

Zebra Incorporated

Also, ride your bike around Confluence Park. And check out Lookout Mountain

Confluence Park, Tumalo Creek Blog

Lookout Mountain, The Examiner

Doesn't this list look amazing?  I can't wait to try everything.  Thanks again Will for your wonderful recommendations!

Tell me, have any of you tried any of Will's favorites?  Let me know in the comments below.

Make sure and come back tomorrow--I'll have another list from this super rad woman.



  1. tommy's thai! so good. can't wait to try the rest!


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