The Land

I've felt particularly close to the earth as of late; not that this is a rare position for me to be in--I've always felt most at home when close to nature.  But it seems the earth is showing it's magnificent power in so many ways lately and human nature is being affected by it.  First the outrageous power that tilted the earth and slowed time that we witnessed in Japan.  Now, here in our backyard, the air is spinning and tossing our civilization around like salad.

I grew up in tornado alley and I remember countless nights I spent in our laundry room, huddled with my little brother and dog, while my parents bravely kept a look out.  Luckily, our house was never whipped up and scattered, and we were never harmed.  All I can say is, my heart goes out to the midwest and south in the US.  People are scared and hurt and feeling helpless.  I hope that the earth will rest soon and it's people will feel a calm healing presence.

At the same time that we see the earth's angry side, we look around us and see the peaceful side.  This gets me thinking of New Mexico--have you ever been there?  The skies in New Mexico are unparalleled.  I will stand by this statement forever.

On the road...

So, when I ran into this post, I immediately knew this was an artist I needed to know.  Katherine Sandoz' landscapes remind me of New Mexico and the many layers of the land that meet the sky there.  These paintings are amazing and I want all of them.  (Images from Katherine Sandoz.  And she's having a sale!)      

(cat island) olive maroon
(waterway) driftwood
kds petit gauke abstracts no. 1

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  1. And we will get to see these soon, after Colorado. Thanks!


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