Out of Bed, Sleepyhead

Well, it's Monday and I've been sick.  All of the end of last week.  All weekend long.  And now I'm recovering from being sick.  Who knew you had to factor in the "feeling-better-from-feeling-crappy" time into your sick time?  Because I'm still factoring.

A real bummer too because it's beautiful outside, it's my day off, and I have tons of stuff I want to do.  Including give you, my dear internet cosmos, a real post on this thing.  But until then I'm gonna take it slow, start (and probably put down after a few minutes do to lack of energy) a few projects around the house, and make this.  In fact, you should make this too.  It's so delicious.  Maybe it will give me that extra bit of energy I need to get out of bed and into the world.


House of Brinson

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