Anthropologie, you're doing it again.  This whole "sale section" is really putting a strain on my savings account.  Not that I actually buy anything from you, but I dream about buying things from you and then I just feel a little bit poorer and that's enough to make me feel guilty.  I feel like I'm cheating on my bank account just by flirting with you a little bit.

But I guess if we just keep it between you and I, no one really needs to know...That's okay, right?

Not everyone needs to know about my obsession with finding the perfect t-shirt and how when I look at you and find this, you make it so hard.

Aviatrix Tee

And like I really need another beautiful pot to encase yet another succulent or pretty spring bulb.

Unfolding Petals Herb Pot

And I know I have absolutely nothing on my agenda to wear this dress to, but I so badly want to pair it with some big gold earrings and espadrilles, I can barely stand it.

Extended Shirt Dress

Well, looky here, if it isn't the perfect leather satchel, the exact kind that I've been searching all over for since before Christmas.  Way to put it in my face now!

Elegant Angles Bag

That's it, I can't stand it any longer.  I'm buying these knobs for a wooden cabinet in my living room that needs some new jewelry.

Hard Candy Knob

Whew.  That was an intense love affair.

Anthropologie, I just don't know how to quit you.

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