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Happy hump day everyone!  Today I've got home on the brain (again).  I am currently in the process of sprucing up my home a bit in order to adequately house a new piano space, so that means I'm also back in the swing of obsessive re-designing.  Of course, nothing big ever quite happens in my current house--it all just seems to happen in my thoughts and on the pages of this blog.

But I suppose until the day comes when I can do a complete overhaul of my current home design, this blog will do just fine.

I recently ran across these photos by Kim Jeffery on Desire to Inspire and fell in love.  Remember my living room and dining room layouts I did a while back?  I feel like these photos may be my dreams in reality.  That yellow rug.  All the rustic hard wood against white and black canvases with the colorful accents thrown in.  Especially that gallery wall!  Swoon.

(Photos from here)

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  1. ahhhhhhhh! so good! where do we find that yellow rug>!?!?!?!!? WHERE?!?!?! :D


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