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Well, folks, it is summer in Florida.  And you know what that means.  For the next 3.7 months, I will be constantly complaining about not being able to play outside because of the thickets of mosquitoes poised and ready to attack at my first step out the door, the blanket of humidity that envelops every single thing that walks near it, and therefore, my overall lack of ability to be outside and look and feel in any way acceptable while doing it.

All that being said, pretty soon I will be craving cooler climes.  And by pretty soon, I mean, right this second.

Not long ago I ran across this post about this lovely Etsy shop, United Thread.  I adore these paintings--they are so whimsical and dreamlike, yet they have such a poignant particularity about them.  All of the animals look so exactly real.  And the watering hole series is beyond amazing.

Another thing I love so very much about all these paintings is that for some reason, they remind me of fall.  All the warm lush colors and soft brush strokes--just looking at them makes me feel a little cooler.

(All images from United Thread)

Post script to the Mr.--I think those hens need to be added to your newfound collection asap.

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