Well folks, here we are.

There are no words to describe the last month and a half since I've seen you all last, my dear internet cosmos.  I now have a brand new home.  I don't only mean house.  I mean life.  I no longer live in steamy FL.  I'm now a proud CO transplant and could not be more thrilled about everything that means for my future.  I also just celebrated my two year anniversary being married to my Mr. who will now be referred to as Dr. Mr., another incredible change in our lives.  We drove 1900 miles in 4 days, had our entire family here to bless our home together, and moved in successfully.

We are indeed alive and very well.

And now that I am back to life, I will also come back to you.  Don't think I haven't been stalking the internet for the past month to find all sorts of goodies for you.  I absolutely have.  Here are a few hints* as to what I have in store for you this week:

*Don't worry, I will indeed attribute all of the above images properly in the following posts of the week.  Make sure you come back to hold me accountable.

And just because I can never make up to you all the time I left you alone, I give you...


Everything does in fact,

start now.



  1. Hey sweetie...so glad you are happily in your new home and city...sending love

    1. Thanks so much for the love E'layne! Miss you pretty ladies, hope to see you soon. XOXO


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