Alberto Seveso

So, last week I posted this strikingly beautiful image:

Alberto Seveso

First of all, when I came across this post a while back about this incredible photography, my heart skipped a beat.  It was like staring into a lava lamp, only a much more high-end sophisticated version of the one I had when I was 12 from the dollar store.

Fast forward to just a couple weeks ago, when I decided to dye a couch cover.  It started out like this:

KLIPPAN, alme natural

I bundled up the cover and tossed a bottle of dye into the washing machine.  As the dye slowly dispersed through the water, I was drawn back to these photographs.  And I had to do everything in my power not to jump into the washing machine with my camera to try and recreate them.

Anyway, here are a few other favorites from genius photographer Alberto Seveso:

Alberto Seveso, a due colori

Alberto Seveso, disastro ecologico

Alberto Seveso, ink riders

I mean, even if I had jumped into the washing machine, I doubt I could have ever even come close to capturing the magic that Seveso has.  But I did come out of the whole situation with a newer, way more interesting couch.


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