Round Up

So, I'm still waiting on all of our thousands of pictures from our mega-vacation, but I promise soon, you will see the magic that is the West.  And if you find yourself waiting too long for comfort, just buy a couple plane tickets and head out.  I promise you will not be disappointed.

Over the past few weeks, my inspiration folders have definitely loosened their belts.  I've decided it's time for a purge.  And who better to purge a big fat dose of inspiration to than you, my lovely internet cosmos!

Hold on to your horses, here we go.

Since I'm feeling particularly in love with states other than the one I live in at the moment, I'm really loving these chalkboard state maps (found via unruly things) from shop dirtsa.  How wonderful would it be to chart out all your adventures on one of these babies.  On the top of my list would be Colorado, on which I would trace out the road trip I took with the Mr. when he proposed, and California, on which I would recollect the recent adventures we had with my best friend, from San Francisco up to Mendocino.

Chalkboard State Map--California

Also from this shop, I feel like this pillow would be ridiculously adorable in a little boy's room (or in my room, whichever it lands in first).

Frog Dissection Diagram Pillow

Speaking of kids...

They sure don't make doll houses like they used to anymore.  (Found via remodelista)

Emerson House

Emerson House

Speaking of houses (stay with me here)...

Mine has recently seen the beginning of an unending cleaning spree.  I recently started working from my home more and that means the need for a clean space for students to enjoy.  That being said, I will be needing these in order to hide away the leftovers that always seem to accumulate from the night before neatly in the fridge (or leave them on the counter because they are so damn cute).  (Found via remodelista)

Bowl Overs

Speaking of food...

This cake.  Oh my goodness, this cake.  Made to resemble Stella McCartney's spring prints.  But more importantly, made to make me drool uncontrollably.  The hot FL weather is screaming for this cake.  (Found via Poppytalk.  My waistline does not thank you.)

(Above images via Apollinas)

And last but not least, speaking of my waistline...

I need to purchase this necklace asap to take focus away from said cake-infused waistline.

NOTE: This whole shop is outrageous.  I want everything.

(Found via isuwannee.  My bank account does not thank you.  My waistline does.)

Amethyst Necklace

Did you make it?  If so, you are a brave soul for trekking through this list with me.  Onward!

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