Summer at the Movies

So, I know most of us aren't in a place in our lives anymore where summer means anything else except hot weather.  However, there is something about the long steamy days that just screams "don't do anything productive, have fun, stay up late, eat ice cream, etc. etc."  Regardless of the fact that summer is no longer a "break" for me, I still find myself trying to take part in as many parts of the holiday season as I can.

Unfortunately, in FL, this means staying inside.

So when I found this awesome round up of foodie films and TV collections that can be found on Netflix Instant, I immediately updated my queue.  A few I'm immediately ready to press play on:

Delicatessen on Netflix

The Real Dirt on Farmer John on Netflix

The Garden on Netflix


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  1. Hey, great post! I watched the real dirt on farmer john last night. It was so good! I blogged about it and gave you a shout out, of course.


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