Green & Giddy

I'm feeling particularly inspired by nature today.  Yesterday, I spent all day planting a garden that we are starting at the church I work at.  All the fruits and veggies we grow will go into meals that we cook for the homeless and underserved in the community.

There is an 80 year old member of the church who headed up the planting and design of the garden and he singlehandedly taught me how to do all of it yesterday.  He and I spent hours with our hands in the soil, lovingly inserting new growth into the ground to be further raised by the nourishment of the earth.  He told me all about nitrogen and the importance of rain and reasons we should all go organic.  He also showed me how to rake and level the garden (My body is paying for that today), stake out and make straight rows (well, his were straight) and fill them with seed and cover the seed appropriately with a correct level of soil, all the while pushing me on with a sturdy "Thata' girl."

I felt so inspired and connected to our ancestors in connecting with his old wise soul.  I'll share pictures of yesterday's garden raising soon.

Until then, here are some images from my life that inspire me and encourage my continually evolving relationship with creation.  I hope you all will nourish your relationships with creation today--go outside, look into the sky, touch a tree or flower.  Or just breathe in and out and remember how that simple act is a miracle.

Magnolia at the Mississippi River, Memphis, TN
Pax in the Grass, MLC
Weathered Tree, Colorado
Mom & my rock, Colorado
Majesty, Colorado
Sky, New Mexico
Road to Taos, New Mexico
Enjoying the River, Colorado
Voluptuous Aspens, Colorado
Sidewalk, MLC
Wedding Walk, MLC
Yummy fruits of the earth

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  1. You are such an inspiration, Megan. Thank you for sharing all that you are with us!
    Love you!


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