One more year

Hello internet cosmos!  I have successfully taken the last few days and done nothing but celebrate with friends and family.  My house is a wreck, I am about 100 lbs. heavier from all the cake and champagne, and I'm still catching up on sleep.  I'm exhausted but so very happy.

I could not be more thankful for the wonderful people in my life.  I owe my every happiness to your love.

So naturally, after having taken off way too many days from the dear blog, I have a million inspiring things to share with you but I'll try to split them up over a few posts.


Let's start off with babies.  I found this adorable superhero via Say Yes to Hoboken and her Babble post and I am scheming over all the little boys (and girls too I suppose!  I would have loved to have a personalized superhero boyfriend doll!) I can buy this for.  Plus, it's completely customizable--you can change the clothes, the hair, even the letter on his shirt.  Completely adorable.

Sophie and Lilli

Next, let's talk food.  Our friends are real foodies--the fun laid back ones and the trendy stereotypical ones.  It's fine, we'll accept the societal connotations.  And while we love to immerse ourselves in fancy foods, we also tease ourselves about our sometimes hilarious food-centric whims.  So, when I saw this on the kitchn, I knew it would be perfect for my friends.  I will definitely be gifting this soon.  (Images via Knock Knock)

Next up:  plants.  Succulents, in particular.  If I could have no other plants for the rest of my life--to adorn every surface in my home and my garden and my porch--they would be succulents.  And I think I may soon be repotting all of my current succulents into these outrageous planters, found via Oh Joy!  Plus, I will be purchasing 1 million more of them to save for my succulents I have yet to acquire.

UPDATE:  Looks like they're all sold out in the Plaid Pigeon Etsy shop!  I will haunt the shop everyday until their return.

(Images via Oh Joy!)

Is there anything better than a dinosaur succulent planter?  I think not.


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