The Ancient City

I have to say, I think the last few weeks of my life have been the most indulgent I've had in a while.  I had a dreamy trip to Miami, an amazing visit from my family, and most recently, (just got back yesterday!) a birthday trip to St. Augustine.  Have you been there?

Flagler College, World's Best Beach Towns
Florida Fishing Vacations
The Bridge of Lions, Encyclopedia Britannica

St. Augustine, FL is the oldest town in America and it has absolutely retained all of it's old world charm. Yes, the tourists have come in and left their mark on the place, but thanks to the original cobblestone roads, old homes turned inns, overwhelming Spanish architecture, and tiny streets off the beaten path, St. Augustine still feels authentic.

The point is you should go.  And when you do, you should eat here:

Flagler College Gargoyle

And here:

Deviant Art

And here:

Virtual Tourist

Okay, now I'm drooling.

It's been a wonderful time of friends, family, and new places, but now I'm back to reality, and back to you, my dear internet cosmos.

See you tomorrow--

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