Wish List 2.0

The internet is really a magical place.  I mean, I can window shop for hours on this thing and never come up empty handed.  I can put everything from information to art to shoes to food to houses in my basket and walk out completely satisfied.  What an inspiring little shop we have in our corner to browse anytime we want.

So, here are a few things I'm putting in my shopping basket today.  Hope you enjoy!

(Images via ovendoorowl)

That book is just one more reason I wish I lived in Portland.  It's a walking guide to the Portland area that pays special attention to the needs of your chosen companion (your dog, your infant, your Grandmother, your best friend who only wants to walk to a place, spread out a blanket, and proceed to sit there for the rest of the day and drink wine, etc.).  

By the way, I have a running list of Pros and Cons to living in Portland.  I keep finding great things to add to the Pros list; but my Cons list is pretty filled up with this:

Oh well.

On a sunnier note...

I would like very much to purchase this cottage in Australia.  That's right, I'll take it fully furnished,

Including all the furniture and fixtures on the porch (that bathtub!),

And don't worry about that tree, it's perfect right where it is.  Please and thank you.

(Images via realestate.com.au.  Found via Desire to Inspire)

Oh and just in case the cottage doesn't have a fridge, I'll take this one:

Smeg U.S.A.

Whew!  All that shopping was exhausting!

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