Audrey + Anthropologie = INSPIRATION

Hello internet cosmos!  So sorry for the hiatus yesterday.  I found myself mopping the kitchen floor and shopping for Irish Moss in preparation for tomorrow night instead of blogging.  Here are a couple beautiful amazing things that make me uncontrollably happy today!  I hope you find them wonderful too.

First and foremost, it is no secret that I love Audrey Hepburn (along with 78 bajrillion other people on this planet).  Everything she did exuded grace and sophistication and full on glamour.  So when I ran across this collection yesterday, all I could think about all day is how I needed to hold my head up a little higher and lose 1,398,456 lbs, and put on a black long sleeve tee and black leggings and trot around town just like Audrey.  

P.S.  If you haven't seen Funny Face, watch it tonight.  It's a classic.


Next up, we have the most amazing thing ever.  I can't even use words to do it justice it's so wonderful.  So I'll just put it out there and garner a response.  Get ready.  Are you sitting down?


And I'm so jealous Joanna got to go sample the beauties!  Here are some sneak peak photos from her adventure to view the collection.  Get ready.  Drool.

A Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo

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  1. I love them, of course, but yours was way better!! The first one, with all the ruffles, is way fun, it reminds me of my 'runner-up' dress that I was SOOOOOOOO close to getting for my wedding: http://pics.classifieds.weddingbee.com/88884.Picture_7.png by Liancarlo. I can't wait to see more, especially what they do with lace and off-set bows, an athro staple.


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