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Gabriela Herman

I recently came across this post on 16 House and was really intrigued.  NY photographer Gabriela Herman has an incredible photo series on bloggers, behind the computer screen.  Here's an excerpt from her artist statement:

While it is heavily debated how modern technology can isolate us, there are undeniably many upsides to this online evolution. I believe bloggers are connecting us, bringing us closer. In some ways, bloggers are helping create a reverse wave in our technological age by forming an authentic exchange between blogger and reader. Bloggers allow for an interactive platform, a dialogue that allows for both online and offline relationships to form.

I have been reading blogs for a while now.  It's addictive.  And there are a lot of things in our lives that are addictive for the wrong reasons but I feel okay about this one.  I started reading one blog and then the wonders of free thought on the internet just continued to unfold everyday for me.  I am still constantly adding new blogs to my list and finding amazing joys and inspirations in a million different places all the time.  Blogs can offer a wonderful array of opinions, colors, tastes, sensations, and thought provoking images and writings that really get your brain working and involved and wanting to connect with others on a meaningful level.  

Gabriela Herman

This is why I started my blog.  I wanted to offer a wide expanse of thoughts about many different things.  I don't want to be labeled.  I don't want to be a specific genre of writing.  I just want to think and share thoughts and inspire others to do the same.

Anyway, check out Herman's photo series here.  She has captured the little worlds behind the scenes of bloggers you love.  It's beautiful to see the thoughtful quiet dark moments in which a blogger creates, led only by the light of inspiration coming from a blank and completely uncensored canvas that is the internet. 

Gabriela Herman

It doesn't have to be the computer screen that gives you this sort of creative light.  It can be a piece of paper, a journal, a garden, an instrument, a skillet.  Whatever it is, just keep creating and being inspired and sharing inspiration.  It's important. 

Gabriela Herman

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