Volkswagen Rules

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope your weekend was fantastic!

Now, I know everyone and their mom has got a Super Bowl hangover this morning, and most of us are trying to get out of it.  However, I woke up this morning in full fledged Super Bowl excitement simply because of this commercial and I definitely don't want it to go anywhere.

This is my (and 15 million others) vote for best Super Bowl commercial.  By a long shot.  The Mr. said, "Just because the company has great commercials doesn't make it have a great car."  To which my reply was:  "I will always love my Jetta and will always be loyal to VW.  Mainly because of the commercials."

There's no logic or reason to this.  It's just pure goodness.  And it will definitely make you smile on a Monday morning.


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  1. Yea! I love this commercial. This prompted Anthony and I to discuss when we should start little Bud on the Star Wars series. Also, I think we should start with #4 which was the first one I saw, but he says start with #1. Decisions, decisions.


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