Wednesday Beauties

Hello internet cosmos!  Hope you are having a fabulous hump day!  Is it looking like this outside to anyone else today?

The sun is bright, it is crisp but warm, and all I want to do is ride my bike everywhere.  Unfortunately, I have to make this trip today so I think bike riding is out of the question.

Anyway, here are some wonderful things from around the blogosphere to brighten up your day.  Hope you enjoy!

First off, a bit of information you might not have known about me is that my Mr. is actually a Dr.  Well, a Dr.-to-be.  Anyway, my uncle is also a Dr. and he carries around an old leather doctor's bag with his initials on it and everything!  I have always thought he looked so handsome and smart (two fashionable adjectives I'm bringing back) carrying that beautiful worn-in leather satchel.  I so badly want to get this one for my Dr.  (found via Design*Sponge)


I am always dreaming of new ways to change up the decor of my home.  My most recent obsession (like I've actually dreamed about it on numerous occasions.  Like in my sleep.  Like really sleeping.) has been wanting to recover a pair of old swivel chairs I got off Craig's List.  Here is what the chair looks like:

And here is the fabric I am lusting over:


Too bad this amazing fabric costs an arm and a leg.  Maybe for the next 5 years I'll only ask for yards of the same Otomi fabric for gifts?  Yeah, that sounds like a plan.  That's how bad I want it.

And I will be purchasing all of these leggings for the next baby that pops up in my viewfinder because they are so damn cute.  I cannot handle all of those Navajo prints and that graphic snakeskin print??  Cooooo. (found via Unruly Little Things)




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