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Happy Wednesday folks!  I am in a particularly earth friendly mood today!  Partly because of this:

My japanese magnolia is blooming!  Isn't it amazing?

And because of this:


I am researching creation care for a bible study I am starting at my church.  Hopefully, it will lead to a church that is a leader in it's community for demonstrating stewardship and environmental awareness.

And last but not least, this:

Time Magazine

I found this article a while back via FNJ and found it to be very inspiring.  Even though the majority of the article discusses the weaknesses of the green movement, the upside is that one way we can personally, and strongly, contribute is by changing the way we eat.

Now, I am certainly not a green goddess and I certainly pull through the Chick-Fil-A every few months to get my fix.  I'm not perfect.  None of us are.  But I definitely strive to be a more green person.  And if there's one way I can hop on this bandwagon, eating is going to be it for sure.

How wonderful that just by eating conscientiously and thinking about where our food comes from and acting accordingly, we can contribute to taking care of our planet.  I am a proponent of this, not only for environmental reasons, but simply because of how much better food tastes when it is better for you and better for the earth.

Give it a try this week.  Eat vegetarian for one whole day.  Buy your meat locally.  Maybe try and visit the farm where the animal was raised.  Plant something outside that is edible or go to your local farmer's market and meet the people who do it for you.

Then cook an incredible meal with family and friends and celebrate life and all the abundance of the earth.

That reminds me...gotta go pick up our CSA from the farmer's market today!


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