Happy Humpday

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!  Here are a few wonderful things I've found around the web recently.  Hope you enjoy!

With so many new Mom's in my life (and that annoying little constant itching to become one) I can't stop cooing over the wonderful baby things out there.  Like this one line a day journal for new Mom.  It's genius.  Of course you want to remember all those first moments but who has time to journal when you're a new mom?  One line a day, that's all it takes.  Adorable.  (via oh happy day)


My Mr. is out of town a lot with work so I find myself cooking only for myself which is difficult!  Until I found this wonderful website via Food News Journal and my heart skipped a beat.  Gourmet Recipes for One is exactly what it sounds like and it does not fail to deliver.  Especially the mac and cheese.  Wow.

Gourmet Recipes for One

These stamps from Karen Horton's extensive collection are beautiful.  I would love to have them all blown up and hung on my walls. (via Miss Moss, images from Karen's flickr)

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