I Love Fridays

Happy Friday!  Hope you all had a fabulous week and are looking forward to a great weekend.  While the rest of the country looks like this...

Minneapolis Star Tribune blog

where I am, it looks like this...


That's right.  I officially live on a different planet than the rest of America.

On another note, the Mr. and I have never been the super saps that seem to come out of hiding on Valentine's Day.  We've always used it as a day to do something fun and creative.  The Mr. always draws or paints me an incredible card that ends up being a complete work of art.  I usually write him a ridiculous vulgar poem.  We will definitely participate in the flowers and chocolate rage (because when do chocolate and flowers NOT make a house better?  Never.).  And we'll usually end up cooking a huge meal for just the two of us, stuff our faces and then pass out in a food coma.  Romantic, right?

Anyway, here are some gift ideas that I think would be super fun for this Valentine's Day.  Or for any time, for that matter.


Do you guys see the amazing print hanging on the wall in this kitchen?  I have looked all over the place to find where I can buy it and I just can't find anything (recommendations appreciated).  But if I could find it, I would snatch it up because it's so cute and hilarious.

Apartment Therapy

What chocolate lover doesn't dream of creating a bar, completely for yourself, with whatever you want and only what you want?  I know I do.  This company lets you do just that.  (via A Cup of Jo)

select favorites from Chocomize

This is not your run of the mill cheesy love print.  This is rad.


Last but certainly not least, this is the best teddy bear I've ever seen.  They say, "don't buy this for your girlfriend".  But I say, "I'm buying this for my husband and I hope he buys the white one for me so we can have a matching pair on our bed and I love it so much I'm recommending it to the blogosphere". (via Refinery 29)

Love is Lame

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  1. well.. if you actually looked about my blog yesterday, you would see a link to skinny laminx's etsy shop ... where you would be able to find the aforementioned tea towel you so desire :)


    the particular one you want is sold out but there are many more amazing prints to choose from!


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