A New MLK Week

Hello internet cosmos.  I cannot believe I went for so long without posting a new thought for you all.  It seems the long weekend really took it's toll on me and my "I will do nothing but fun things outside of the house and away from my computer" mentality.  Anyway, today is an especially wonderful day for inspiration, so here are a few things to help get you going this week.

First and foremost, I'm thinking of Memphis today and how it might have been on that day when Martin Luther King, Jr. checked into the Lorraine Motel.  I'm thinking of how thankful I am that we are able to be creative and active and honest.  Without people like Dr. King, we wouldn't have these freedoms.


I'm also thinking of how grateful I am that I can have little luxuries like camping with my family and friends under the brightest moon, waking up in a tent to the sound of rain nurturing the earth all around me, coming home to a warm home where I'm free to indulge in more luxuries like the internet.  We have a lot of ancestors to thank for these wonderful blessings.

I'm thankful for yarn, soft wool entwined with silky soy fibers, that I'm using to create this beautiful scarf that I found via Poppytalk.  It is turning out to be incredible and I'm having so much fun watching it take shape.  It's really amazing that a piece of yarn can turn into a cozy herringbone creation like this one.

The Purl Bee

Speaking of herringbone, I'm thankful for patterns that can translate themselves onto so many different canvases in our lives.  For example, who knew that a pattern typically found in fabric could be found on a floor?  Plus, there's something so wonderful about a beautiful wood floor.  It makes me feel a little more connected to the ground.  Found via You Are My Fave.

Freunde von Freunden

I'm also thankful for the opportunity we have everyday to tell the people we love just how much they mean to us.  I recently bought this charming tie clip for my husband and on the back, I had a little secret message inscribed just for him to know.  I love knowing that he has my secret close to his heart every day.

Purely Paige

I hope you find the power to be creative and the strength to go out and inspire change this week.  Let's work to honor the dreams of Dr. King everyday, not just on a holiday.


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