Resolutions, here we come.

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I hate New Year's resolutions.  I always end up breaking them.  Actually, I rarely even end up starting them.  I usually just whine and moan about them and obsess over them and try to get the plan perfect and then when it's time to start, nothing happens.  I just sit there like I did the previous year and do nothing.

Of course, I exaggerate a bit.  You'll learn this about me as I continue to write.  My closest friends and family know this is my biggest fault and my greatest hilarity.

Anyway, back to the point:  I hated New Year's resolutions until I saw this post and immediately shot over to here and got crazy depressed.  Mainly because I just wish I could do this!  I mean, this would be my resolution if I had one.  This, and to lose weight and to stop worrying and to clean the dishes (my husband's already stuck on this one) and to make more handmade things and to garden more and to practice piano more etc. etc.

But seriously, this is inspiring.  So much so that I think the bulk jar thing may be the next step to greening our home.  That, I think, is an attainable resolution.


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