Subway Tile

The Mr. and I are definite dreamers.  Especially when it comes to our home.  First of all, we love to cook.  We'd spend all of our time in the kitchen if we could and in fact, when the free time arises and we're not exhausted we're usually creating something new and fun with food.  We get really excited about Peugeot pepper grinders, miniature Le Creuset cocottes, microplanes, and drying racks for pasta.  To name a few.

So, we also get excited about big handsome gas ranges, shiny porcelain kitchen sinks, and butcher block as far as the eye can see, all set lovingly before a backdrop of glistening subway tile.

Oh, enough talking, just see what I mean.


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Mosaic Tile Supplies

The Kitchn
Here's to worshipping your kitchen!


  1. I love that you get as excited about a gloriously designed kitchen as I do. I come from a food-oriented family. What's your excuse? ; )

  2. I'm into this type of designs cuz they can verily give contrast to rooms or to any designs imo.
    subway tile


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