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Believe it or not, I don't just blog all day.  I am a musician.  That doesn't really sound much more legitimate but it's true.  My work is in music--I perform, I teach, I accompany.  And I support and encourage the arts education programs and efforts in my town every day.  Yes, it may sound a bit vague, but this is in fact my job.  Actually, this is my job by day and by night.  And by that I mean, I truly love my work.  

In short, I am an extremely lucky girl.

Music is an interesting thing in the world.  It is impossible to truly put into words the effect that it has on the globe because it is in fact so outrageously magnanimous.  See, here comes the part where you may want to think I'm exaggerating, but it's true.  

Look around you.  Think of a day when you do not experience music?  You'll probably have a tough time finding one.  It is everywhere.  And there is good purpose for that.  It makes us feel good.  And if it doesn't make you feel good, then it probably makes you feel something and therefore you evoke some sort of opinion.  Therefore, you think.  Therefore, you engage in life.  

Anyway, I could go on about that for quite a while but I have the rest of my life to do that so I'll wait.  Until then, check out this wonderful article about the power of music (found via Food News Journal).  I hope it encourages you to find pleasure this week by intentionally experiencing a great piece of music.


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